Alpha Base is a chapter of the Rebel Legion, we are an international Star Wars costuming organization that promotes Star Wars fandom while helping others through charity work and community service.


Alpha Base is a subdivision of The Rebel Legion serving the state of Washington.

The Rebel Legion is the premier
"world wide "Good Guy" Star Wars costuming fan club, and our members celebrate creating, owning, and wearing costumes of the heroes, Rebels, Royalty, Republic Forces and various creatures as featured in the Star Wars films and More.


"The mission of The Rebel Legion is threefold. First, we offer the costume enthusiast of the Star Wars hero characters a global community to enjoy, express, and share their costume talents. Secondly, the Legion also promotes the quality and improvement of Star Wars costumes. Thirdly and most importantly, we follow the lead of Lucasfilm Ltd. by giving back to the community through works of charity and volunteerism." - The Rebel Legion charter

Rebel Legion members march in parades, raise funds for charity, appear at conventions, visit children’s hospitals, support educational and science centers, as well as a wide variety of other events.

We are the Heroes!